Beautiful Coffee and Ink Portraits on 100-Year-Old Paper – My Modern Met

While you may know Michael Aaron Williams as artist who places beautiful cardboard cut-outs of homeless people on the street, you may not know that he’s also very skilled at creating portraits using everyday materials like books or rusty sheets of metal. This new body of work was created using a familiar liquid many of us enjoy in the morning. It’s made up of coffee, carefully brushed onto antique ledger paper from the 1920s and ’30s, and a little bit of ink. When asked what it was like using coffee as a medium, Williams told us this, „Coffee is a great medium because it has a natural organic color. It seems to just fit right in to the natural colors found in antique paper. It can be used very much like watercolors except it’s less expensive and it smells great! You just have to brew it strong. „I also use some ink for the darker areas because one drawback of coffee is that it can get brittle and shiny when you make it too dark so it helps troubleshoots this problem. It can get a…

Źródło: Beautiful Coffee and Ink Portraits on 100-Year-Old Paper – My Modern Met

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